Drywall construction

Dichtschnur  / Durable elastic sealant on a roll

Durable elastic sealant on a roll

Elastic caulking strip for fast installation. For airtight...

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Doppel Twin / Double Twin

Double Twin

For bonding to hard surfaces (wood, OSB panels,...

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Duo Easy 150mm

Duo Easy

It is suitable for interior and exterior window sealing for...

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Folienband Flexibel / Sheeting tape: flexible

Sheeting tape: flexible

For sealing of penetrations and roof-window connections, pipes...

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Multiband / Multi-band white


Single-sided adhesive tape with UV-stabilised special film and...

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Papierklebeband / Paper-based adhesive tape

Paper-based adhesive tape

For bonding of foil overlaps. One-sided, strong adhesive tape...

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PE - Baufolie

PE – Construction foil

Polyethylene foil for perfect protection against moisture. PE...

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Putzanschlussband / Plaster connection tape

Plaster connection tape

One-sided tape with mesh fabric and vapour-barrier properties for...

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Stuckband / Stucco tape

Stucco tape

Foam tape made of closed-cell polyethylene foam. With...

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Trennwandband / Tapes for separation walls 50mm

Tapes for separation walls

Very good adhesion to rough and dusty surfaces. Compensates...

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Zip Door

Zip Door

Door sheeting with zip for dust-free separation of rooms. Can be...

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