Flat roofs

Alu Reparaturband / Aluminium multi-repair tape

Aluminium multi-repair tape

For sealing and repairing of roof gutters and rain pipes, roof...

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Alumit / Vapor- and windtight barrier

Vapor- and windtight barrier

Aluminium composite sheet with fixed Sd value>1500 m. Extremely...

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Double-sided adhesive tape for bonding of PE sheeting and PE...

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Dichtkleber / Sealing adhesive

Sealing adhesive

Elastic, solvent-free, zinc-yellow, special adhesive resin base...

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Doppel Twin / Double Twin

Double Twin

For bonding to hard surfaces (wood, OSB panels,...

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Folienband Flexibel / Sheeting tape: flexible

Sheeting tape: flexible, slotted

Single-sided adhesive tape with split cover strips. Ideal in...

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Multiband / Multi-band white


Single-sided adhesive tape with UV-stabilised special film and...

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PE - Dampfbremsfolien / PE - Vapor-retardent membrane

PE - Vapor-retardent membrane B2 DIN 4102

For airtight closure of fully insulated and ventilated pitched...

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Sprühkleber Fast drying

Fast-drying spray sealant

CFC-free water-resistant spray in a practical can with uniformly...

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Unterspannbahn / Roofing underlay B 1500mm

Roofing underlay

For UDB-A and USB-A underlays, auxiliary underlay, formwork...

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