BOWCRAFT exports innovations around the world – system products for insulation and damping

BOWCRAFT exports innovations around the world – system products for insulation and damping Russland Europa Kanada Südafrika Dubai

Germany takes the lead

Germany is a leader in the development and application of energy-saving systems in house construction. This also applies especially to insulation for airtight damping using special films and adhesives. BOWCRAFT is an expert in this field and already supplies products worldwide for the housebuilding and shipbuilding sectors. Rising energy costs due to the limited availability of raw materials and environmental aspects for private and industrial consumers will force everyone to carry out comprehensive reductions to their energy consumption.

The EU – a pioneer in activities to protect the climate – is significantly reinforcing the directives on energy-saving regulations for residential and commercial buildings.

Saving energy is the future

As part of globalisation, more and more non-European countries will follow and in this way ensure steady growth of the market worldwide within the construction sector.

Airtight systems are in demand

The positive properties and features of airtight systems also apply to the air-conditioning sector in very hot regions of the world. It is only through the use of these airtight systems that heaters or air-conditioning units can operate in energy-saving ways and also support and enhance comfortable living and better working conditions.

High-quality airtight systems

This means that high-quality solutions are in great demand for the creation of airtight building envelopes for residential, commercial and industrial construction applications which ensure energy-efficient insulation. These are examples of BOWCRAFT's strength and skills in terms of consulting and its product range.

BOWCRAFT products, used as a system of membranes, sealants and adhesive tapes, provide solutions for the substantial reductions in the amount of energy required for heated and air-conditioned rooms.

Many users have already recognised this fact, included some outside Europe. As a result, BOWCRAFT has acquired valuable experience in consulting and supplying throughout the world.

BOWCRAFT offers worldwide:

  • Innovative and technically sophisticated products
  • Technical advice and practical training
  • Specially tailored to meet customers' individual system solutions
  • "Made in Germany" quality
  • Supplied as a commercial brand product
  • Personal, international support

Offer your customers high-end products in your own name and individually adapted to country-specific conditions and conquer the market for system products in the area of insulation and damping.

Talk to us about establishing distribution in your country.