Kompriband / expansional tape L 24m S 8mm
Kompriband / expansional tape L 24m S 8mm Kompriband / expansional tape L 24m S 20mm Kompriband / expansional tape L 5m S 30mm

BOWCRAFT expansional tape

  • Energy efficiency
  • Testimonial certificate available
  • Driving rain proof
  • Sound insulation
  1. Length: 24 m
  2. Width: 1,5-2,5 mm
  3. Thickness: 10 mm
  4. Rolls / box: 30
Product variants

Pre-compressed joint-sealing tape for sealing of connecting, expansion and movement joints. Can be used in dry construction and in structuring and civil engineering.

Universal joint-sealing tape made of polyurethane foam with impregnated acrylate dispersion. Delivery with edge clip to prevent swelling. Tested according to DIN 18542:2009.

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Product variants

Length Width Thickness Rolls / box  
24 m1,5-2,5 mm10 mm30
20 m2-4 mm10 mm30
15 m3-7 mm10 mm30
10 m5-9 mm10 mm30
15 m3-7 mm12 mm25
24 m1,5-2,5 mm15 mm20
20 m2-4 mm15 mm20
15 m3-7 mm15 mm20
10 m5-9 mm15 mm20
7,5 m7-12 mm15 mm20
24 m1,5-2,5 mm20 mm15
20 m2-4 mm20 mm15
15 m3-7 mm20 mm15
10 m5-9 mm20 mm15
7,5 m7-12 mm20 mm15
5 m8-15 mm20 mm15
5 m8-15 mm25 mm12
10 m5-9 mm30 mm10
7,5 m7-12 mm30 mm10
5 m8-15 mm30 mm10
24 m1,5-2,5 mm8 mm37

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